Sunday, August 10, 2014

I've gone Android!

I had two iPhones.  I didn't think that the iPhone 6 was going to offer anything revolutionary. I realized that from a hardware perspective I was going to get about the same phone. In general, the big ticket items in a phone have been figured out. After big ticket comes small features that you probably don't need anyway. Therefore, in my mind, the last major difference is software. I figured that iOS 8 would look much like 7 as the previous versions looked all similar.

The Galaxy S5 started looking really good to me. I really do think it was just a different interface than what I was used to. Further, I was all 'Google up' with my services. Between Gmail, Drive, Contacts, and Calendar, the switch was easy. I never stored a contact locally. I always used my Google calendar for events. I've even expanded to use Picasa more with my back catalog of iPhone pictures. I uploaded every single song I have to Google Play Music for free.

It was a good switch, but hey I still have my iPad!

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