Friday, December 28, 2012

WD MyBook Essential in Linux

After some searches on Google, I found the best solution to mount the WD MyBook Essential to my Ubuntu 12.04. First, I'm using the drive over my Network. The drive is connected to my router via USB and accessible to all connecting computers. I'm not using a password to login to the drive.

1) Open a terminal
2) sudo mkdir /media/directory-you-want-to-mount-to
3) sudo gedit /etc/fstab
4) When the gedit window opens, add the following:
//router-ip-address/USB_Storage/directory-you-want-to-mount-from /media/directory-you-want-to-mount-to cifs guest,_netdev 0 0
5) Save
6) sudo mount -a
7) If successful, you should see the drive mounted on you desktop. If not successful, I'm guessing that you'll get a message from 'mount' command. I'd recommend that 'mount -a' works before restarting, you might have issues with logging in if you don't.

- I read that '_netdev' is used to wait until the network connection is available to finalize the command.
- If you need a secured login, see
- I've recently had to include 'sec=ntlm' before 'guest' above in order to make the connection.  Without it, I was getting an input/output error.

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